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Learn more about each specialty yarn we develop and how you can use it in your fabrics and garments through each Cap Yarns Products page. Examples of fabrics and garments are shown with descriptions of how you can individually dye your fabric to look differently from each other. One yarn– more product styles. This enables you to buy one yarn, knit one fabric and get a multitude of different looks. In addition to a planned overdyed product collection, we also provide fiber dyed yarns. If you don't want to bother with overdying, we can do it all up front in a one color heather to a multicolor melange.


Denim Shantung yarn is a indigo blue shade with white slub.

Cap Yarns introduces a vintage look that pairs well with your jean apparel in a Denim Shantung yarn. Old age denim becomes the focus of this yarn and the added…
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Streaky Yarn has a unique blending process with a planned uneven blend.

Streaky Yarn is obtained by a unique blending process of three fibers components. The striated look has a planned uneven blend so that the variation is carried through out the…
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Black Pepper Nub Triblend

Overdye your fabric in any color you want with the accent of Black Pepper Nubs. Black Pepper is a nub that is added to a 90/10 blend yarn where the…
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