Cap Yarns introduces a vintage look that pairs well with your jean apparel in a Denim Shantung yarn. Old age denim becomes the focus of this yarn and the added slub makes it look rough hewn. Since denim and chambray fabrics have a cross of yarns where the warp is all indigo and the weft or filling is all natural, this construction results in a heathered appearance. 

For Cap yarns to get this heathered appearance, it blends the fibers in a unique way to give that same striated look you see in your worn jeans.

Indigo dye naturally wears down differently than other dyes and it is what makes those denim jeans and chambrays get that vintage appearance.


This Denim Shantung yarn goes retro containing a blue base with white slub to create that perfect rugged denim vintage look.

Interesting facts about indigo: the actual indigo dyestuff comes from a natural source in the leaf of the "Indigo" plant. The plants are cut, fermented and then the dye is extracted. Indigo was used from the times of the Egyptians and it is the only dye that keeps the intensity of color from centuries ago. It is considered the king of the blues and until the early 20th century, the only blue. This dye has been used dating back as early as 2000 BC and is found in mummy tombs. In 1746, South Carolina began cultivation of Indigo.


Shantung originated as a silk yarn. It has a characteristic texture of subtle, uneven horizontal ribs from slubs in the silk yarn. Additionally, Shantung is also the name given to fabrics which imitate the texture of silk shantung. Cap Yarns creates this effect with a manufactured slub in the making of this unique yarn that pairs well with Denim Jeans and Chambray fabrics.