Black Pepper - Style 6983

Texture it with Black Pepper

Overdye your fabric in any color you want with the accent of Black Pepper Nubs. Black Pepper is a nub that is added to a 50/25/25 Polyester/Cotton/Rayon triblend yarn where it can be overdyed to any color leaving the Black Nub untouched. Buy one yarn and get a multitude of colors in your base fabric with the texture of Black Pepper Nubs.

Nubby type yarns originated in the Scotland and Ireland tweeds.  They were rugged fabrics often seen in kilts or jackets. Tweeds began as a hand-woven fabric.  The cloth was rough, thick, and felted and the colors were muted and earthy.  It was truly a working man’s cloth.

Later, Tweed also became popular among the 19th-century Victorian middle class who associated it with the leisurely pursuits of the aristocracy.  It was worn for virtually every sporting and adventure event.


Scroll over to see the Black Pepper yarn knitted into this simple knit jersey construction. Additionally, you can click on each fabric to get a larger image. This yarn is a Natural mixed with a Black Nub shown beautifully in a Bleach White or Overdyed Cotton.


Click on each thumbnail for a larger image. This Black Pepper yarn is shown in several weave and fabric constructions in these three examples. First, as a Black with Black nub, middle, as a Mock Twist with a Black Nub and last, as a Natural with a Black Nub.



Shown here with a Natural White Yarn warp, woven with a Black Yarn with Black Nub weft, in a Twill Weave. 



Shown here with a Natural Mock Twist Yarn containing a Black Nub Warp, woven with a Natural Yarn Weft, in a Broken Twill Weave.



A Natural Yarn alternating with a Natural containing a Black Nub, woven end and end, in both directions like a Traditional Tweed.